Things I Never Learned In High School



  • How to do taxes
  • What taxes are
  • How to vote
  • What political parties are
  • How to write a resume/cover letter/anything related to getting a job
  • How to write a check/balance a check book
  • Anything to do with banking
  • How to do loans for college
  • How to jump start a car or other basic emergency things
  • How to buy a car or house

but I’m so glad I know the fucking pythagorean theorem

"The term is used so broadly in contemporary conversation that usage is no longer based primarily on…"

“The term is used so broadly in contemporary conversation that usage is no longer based primarily on assumptions about specific behaviors of people who have mental retardation – just the general assumption that retardation is bad, something to be avoided, and things, ideas or people described as retarded should be excluded from the attention of non-retarded people. At this point, the connotation is simply “that’s bad and you should ignore it.” (See the Urban Dictionary entry for the term, which describes it as meaning “bad” in literally hundreds of different ways.) And that is ableist – using a word that not only describes but is the actual medical diagnosis of a mental disability to mean “bad and ignorable.” Using the term reinforces the implicit assumption that mental disabilities are bad and that people with mental disabilities should be excluded and ignored because of their disabilities. And that affects all people with mental disabilities, not just those diagnosed with mental retardation or another developmental disability. (Although it is especially difficult for family members of people with developmental disabilities.)”


Ableist Word Profile: “retarded” - DisabledFeminists

This is a long and polite way of saying “stop saying it because it’s really fucked up and shitty when you do”.

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notime4yourshit: Private Bodies, Public Texts: A Salon In Honor…


Private Bodies, Public Texts: A Salon In Honor Of Karla FC Holloway

Panelists: Karla FC Holloway, Tina Campt, Farah Griffin, Saidiya Hartman, Rebecca Jordan-Young, and Alondra Nelson

These scholars, whose expertise lies at the cross-section of law, race, gender, and bioethics, respond to Karla FC Holloway’s book, Private Bodies, Public Texts: Race, Gender, and a Cultural Bioethics (Duke University Press, 2011), an important and groundbreaking work that examines instances where medical issues and information that would usually be seen as intimate, private matters are forced into the public sphere, calling for a new cultural bioethics that attends to the complex histories of race, gender, and class in the US.

kameelahwrites: #33B Notes: Tonight, I learned how to use…


#33B Notes: Tonight, I learned how to use Keynote, then made a Keynote presentation. My eyes hurt, my right pinky thumb is numb, and I am pleased with this presentation. It was not until I put this together that I realized that despite my self-loathing and doubt, I got a good deal of work done. 

Woodstock, NY

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MIT creates camera that shoots 1 trillion fps and can see light in motion

MIT has created a camera that can actually view light in motion. By firing trillions of pulses of light and syncing their cameras shutter, they can create a video that shows how light moves through space and reacts to mass. By recording this amazing detail, these cameras can actually see into objects and around corners by monitoring the way the light bounces off and around an object.

Holy crap, this is so cool. Go MIT! 

holy shit





i liked this video without the TED talk attached to it.

it doesn’t make it any less incredible, though.