Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico

Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico:


For more than a year, the entrepreneurs had been searching for the best location. After Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico’s infrastructure in September and the price of cryptocurrencies began to soar, they saw an opportunity and felt a sense of urgency.

So this crypto community flocked here to create its paradise. Now the investors are spending their days hunting for property where they could have their own airports and docks. They are taking over hotels and a museum in the capital’s historic section, called Old San Juan. They say they are close to getting the local government to allow them to have the first cryptocurrency bank.

“What’s happened here is a perfect storm,” said Halsey Minor, the founder of the news site CNET, who is moving his new blockchain company — called Videocoin — from the Cayman Islands to Puerto Rico this winter. Referring to Hurricane Maria and the investment interest that has followed, he added, “While it was really bad for the people of Puerto Rico, in the long term it’s a godsend if people look past that.”

This is literally genocidal colonialism.

I don’t say this lightly. This is from last September:

And then think about a year before *that*, and all the people who were saying “We’ll survive this; we’ve survived worse” versus the people who said “This is it for us.” In a very short amount of time that line has become quite clear.

I know too many people who, when faced with the bare, sickening truth about what’s happening, spend a lot of time talking about “feeling helpless”, and I’m tired of it. Our culture pushes the concept that the only way to fix problems is for a heroic individual to step forward and solve everything with one act; that’s a colonial bullshit ideal. That machine craves figureheads to make into martyrs, which can then be sanitized and safely contained in histories no one can learn from.

Because there is no one coming to save us, we are obligated and blessed with the opportunity to save each other. If you get out of your own head for one second, you’ll be able to hear hundreds of people who need your help right now, today. You don’t need millions of dollars or a “foundation”; that’s a bullshit capitalist ideal. Join a community or look around at the ones you’re already part of, and see what you can do to help. We have networks we couldn’t have imagine 20 years ago; the *world* is our community.

Every group of people has someone who needs five bucks toward rent, needs child care, help filling out paperwork, someone to listen for ten minutes, access to legal advice, help making a phone call, knowledge they didn’t have before, help finding something they desperately need, one day of rest, to forget for an hour, lifesaving medication, a place to stay, just ONE meal they didn’t have to pay for.

I know you’re “just one person”, so SAVE one person.

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Hello everyone! This is resource I wanted to tell you all about! It’s an app called “Voice Pitch Analyzer”. It has you read a passage a full minute, and then tells you if the range may be perceived as more masculine, feminine, or androgynous. (Disclaimer: Obviously peoples voices vary from person to person. There are women with very low voices and men with very high ones. This does not mean they aren’t “real” men and women. This is simply a post for those with voice dysphoria or who would just like to sound more masculine, feminine, or androgynous to those around them). Please don’t be discouraged if you voice does not land in the range you want it to! It takes practice, and practice is just what this app is for. It allows you to practice speaking in the range you want to be percieved as. Admittedly, it can be a little disheartening having to strain my voice just to get in the upper androgynous range, so a major dysphoria trigger warning to anyone considering downloading it, but, with practice I am getting better and able to talk in that low voice for longer periods of time.

Signal boosting! Please reblog to help others!

Please reblog this, even if you are cis! This app could help so many trans people, and I would like for it to become as well known as Refugee Restrooms!!

Ramsey Orta, Imprisoned for Filming Eric Garner’s Murder, Placed in SHU for 60 Days – It’s Going Down

Ramsey Orta, Imprisoned for Filming Eric Garner's Murder, Placed in SHU for 60 Days - It's Going Down:


“Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the brutal murder of Eric Garner, has been placed in the SHU (Secruity Housing Units, essentially prisons within prisons) for 60 days, the latest in a pattern of targeted harassment and abuse. Orta is currently serving a disgusting four year prison sentence after he was targeted by the NYPD for filming the death of Garner at the hands of the NYPD back in 2014, sparking riots, protests, and uprisings across the US. Garner himself was harassed over selling loose cigarettes, a murderous example of broken windows policing”

“Ramsey’s legal support are doing their best, but this abuse is taking a toll on Ramsey, and he needs our support more than ever. We are asking folks to share this post. We are asking folks to write Ramsey and let him know he is not alone.

Inmate Mailing Address:

Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
​Franklin Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010

You can also donate directly to Ramsey using his Paypal: officialramseyorta [at]“

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Memories Everyone Who Made Mix CDs In The Early ’00s Will Have

I’m really from this era

these where the days

Oh the memories…

I still have all of mine 😭

the good ol days

I never used Limewire but mix CDs is a great pastime…if I considered it one lol I still make ‘em. I’ll never stop that!

African tech innovation in the driver’s seat of shea butter evolution

African tech innovation in the driver's seat of shea butter evolution:


Producing shea butter is largely seen as a woman’s job. Around 16 million people in Africa, particularly, women in rural areas are supported by the shea industry. In many countries from Ethiopia to Senegal, all the way to Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the shea fruit – also known as “Women’s Gold”- serves as a substantial source of income.

Know more about all of this in this article.

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Google like a boss!

This is relevant to librarian-ing.

This would make such an excellent hand out for students.

Wheee I use these! They make Google a much more effective search tool.

Thank you! Ppl don’t know these things when I tell them they don’t know how to use a computer

Undercover at Amazon warehouse – brutal reality of working for online giant

Undercover at Amazon warehouse - brutal reality of working for online giant:



I spent five weeks at the firm’s newest warehouse in Tilbury, Essex, armed with a secret camera bought from Amazon’s own website.

I found staff asleep on their feet, exhausted from toiling for up to 55 hours a week.

Those who could not keep up with the punishing targets faced the sack – and some who buckled under the strain had to be attended to by ambulance crews.

The plant, with no natural light, is flooded with fluorescent bulbs – night and day have no meaning.

Many of the clocks have been covered over with tape by employees desperate not to be reminded how long is left of their shift. But time still rules here – a new package must be sealed and ready to go every 30 seconds.

Whatever the hour thousands of workers are racing to hit goals set by computers monitoring their every move. In my five weeks I saw staff struggling to meet impossible targets, in constant fear of the sack.

Two half-hour breaks were the only time off my feet, but it was barely enough time to race to the canteen and wolf down some food to keep my energy up.

My body ached, and my fitness tracker showed I walked at least 10 miles most days.

Here’s a new article from Bloomberg for all the assholes saying that it can’t really be this bad, or the workers should be thankful for Amazon:

“The emergency responders of Licking County, Ohio, are under strain. At least once a day, a medical unit from West Licking Fire Station 3 makes a run to the Inc. warehouse 3.1 miles away, in the township of Etna, about 20 miles east of Columbus. The calls for routine medical issues that occur in grueling warehouse jobs come at all hours, says Steve Little, the fire district administrator. Shortness of breath. Chest pains. Myriad minor injuries. During the busy holiday season, he says, the warehouse sometimes issues multiple emergency calls a day.Amazon isn’t helping cover the costs. Under the deal the company negotiated in 2015 with local officials and the state’s private economic development agency, JobsOhio, it’s paying no property taxes to Licking County for 15 years. As part of a two-warehouse deal, the state gave Amazon $17 million in tax incentives, and JobsOhio handed over $1.5 million in cash, funded with income from the state’s liquor monopoly. The new facilities are “almost a million square feet we have to protect, but we get no extra money,” Little says. “We have no voice in these deals, and we get no cash. Our residents are being forced to pay instead.” In November, voters in Little’s district will be asked to approve a five-year, $6.5 million property tax levy to keep the fire department operating.”