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Bicycle Phone Changer

In Tanzania, the majority of people live without electricity, yet a third of the country uses mobile phones. Bernard Kiwia, a trained electrician and vocational-school instructor, collaborated with the for-profit social enterprise Global Cycle Solutions (GCS) to design a phone charger from scrap bike and radio parts. Made from spokes, brake tubes, clamps, motors, and capacitors, the device generates power when its roller comes in contact with the bike’s spinning wheel as one rides it

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Find Black-Owned Businesses Near You!


This is fantastic. I downloaded immediately and found a lot of little establishments in my area that I didn’t even know where there. I think we all know its better to spend money with local businesses instead of large companies, and as a Black man I’d rather give my money to other Black people and this makes it easier. 

Ay yo………I fux with this heavily.