Library / Study Nook audio atmosphere

Library / Study Nook audio atmosphere:



hey guys! i recently discovered this amazing website. i am an auditory learner, so i study and focus best with background noise. i think i’ll make a post about tips and resources for auditory learners like me later, but basically sometimes music with lyrics is too distracting and classical music makes me fall asleep, so this is perfect. i used a template from a ravenclaw common room ambience (go eagles!) and adjusted some things. for me, my ideal study nook is in a nice old fashioned wooden library with the fire crackling and old dog-eared pages turning. in other words, what i imagine the hogwarts library to be like.

oh god that’s embarrassing, but if anyone’s to understand, it’s the studyblr community.

at any rate, please feel free to listen to my audio atmosphere and make any adjustments you’d like to! this is a great site and if you like the concept but not the ambience i made, i strongly encourage you to play around anyway.

if this link doesn’t work for some reason, message me and let me know - i’m not 100% sure yet as i’ve never shared stuff on here before.

This is cool

aandyrea: hale-yah: I refuse to use an app that says, “we…



I refuse to use an app that says, “we won’t post or share your information,” yet takes the first opportunity it can for promotion by stealing my friends’ photos to place in an advertisement.

This is wrong on so many levels. With these apps, the LGBTQ+ community puts so much trust in statements such as these. I know I did when I was trying to meet people in a new city but also scared of being fully out.

1. What if my friends are not out and have now just been outed by an app that uses their photo to promote on Facebook?

2. What if my friends are no longer a couple and that is an old photo. Do you think they would like to see that showing up on their Newsfeed? Probably not.

3. What if my friends do not wish to be identified or labeled as female, lesbian, gay, queer? Welp, no worries. Because HER just did that for them.

4. What if my friends want their photos to be shared between each other and those closest to them? What if they don’t want to parade their personal and intimate relationship to perfect strangers?

5. You’re messing with my FRIENDS. This is so sad and disheartening. The internet makes me shake my head more so than not these days.

Needless to say, I’m annoyed. I know this isn’t the first time this has happened to people and I wish that more users were aware of it.

@aandyrea @lu-ia

And I know this happened to @britlively too.

Thank you for putting my thoughts into much more eloquent words.
I’m pretty annoyed that my photo has been used by this app. I’ve seen it stolen and reposted countless times on tumblr and Instagram, but I never expected a well recognized app to do that.
We’ll see if they reply to my email.


startalkradio: #ILookLikeAnEngineer  Isis Anchalee wasn’t…



Isis Anchalee wasn’t planning on starting a twitter trend when she was pulled into quickly snap a photo for OneLogin’s recruiting campaign, but when people tired to call her out on ‘what an female engineer looks like’, the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag was born. 

You can read her story here: You May Have Seen My Face on BART and check out the other tweets here!

thefingerfuckingfemalefury: since1938: rnightiest: every-kiss-…





a) perfect example of people discrediting clever idea & intelligence of a female due to her appearance, and
b) all these people wouldn’t have noticed her kit, which was her goal in the first place

Lol “she also wears sexy clothing to distract people from the bulky shoes” She’s a genius, really



You can now block people on Gmail with two clicks.



So long are the days when we were forced to compile all of those useless emails from company mailing lists, exes and older relatives and send them to our trash folders. Gmail unveiled a new “block” feature on Tuesday that allows users to simply click on the drop-down menu next to a message in their inbox and permanently block the emailer from being able to contact them or see when they are online. A convenient-sounding “Unsubscribe” button is coming too.

Oh thank god

“Kodak’s film was so bad at capturing the different hues and saturations of black skin that when…”

“Kodak’s film was so bad at capturing the different hues and saturations of black skin that when director Jean Luc Godard was sent on an assignment to Mozambique in 1977, he flat-out refused to use Kodak on the grounds that its stock was “racist.” Only when the candy and furniture industries began complaining that they couldn’t accurately shoot dark chocolate and brown wood furniture did Kodak start to improve its technology.”


The Quiet Racism of Instagram Filters (via rrruinous)

The fact that racism is literally built into the technology itself is just strangely mindblowing to me. Not surprising, mind you, just mindblowing. It takes things to a whole new level of talking about bias. Even before you get into the politics of who is taking what picture for what reasons, the very technology itself is already biased.

(via sofriel)

if you want a different and another current example of racism embedded in technology, check out this article on unicode (how languages are produced on screen)

This Kodak thing was covered by buzzfeed April ‘14

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URGENT: get the hell off Apache OpenOffice, it’s insecure and not worked on any more. LibreOffice is better in literally every way.



you know OpenOffice, right? free substitute for Microsoft Office which is basically just as good, but free.

well, it’s not as good. and is in fact actively dangerous to use.

the security hole: HWP files can be exploited and pwn your PC. obscure minor format, no problem … except that if you get a HWP file with a .DOC extension - say, what appears to be a MS Word file emailed you by anyone - you can get pwned by that.

they’ve known about this since april 2015 and haven’t fixed it. they have distributed over 50 million known-vulnerable copies of AOO since 27 april.

the fix is, literally, remove one file from the installer. they haven’t got it together to do this in five months.

tell everyone you know. tell your writer friends. tell anyone you see running OpenOffice. get LibreOffice, it also originated in OpenOffice but is actually developed and they show the slightest sign of caring about their end users. LO 5.0 is really very nice. much faster to use than 4.4 too.

so what’s going on here:

  • Sun Microsystems (mild yay) ran OpenOffice from 2000 to 2010. it was imperfect, but it was good enough and free and open-source. it accumulated one heck of a famous brand name. (“we need an office program” “how about that openoffice thing”)
  • Oracle (boo hiss!) bought Sun in early 2010. OpenOffice development stopped as they reassigned developers.
  • a bunch of non-Sun/Oracle developers went “bugger this” and forked it (‘cos it was open source) in late 2010. thus, LibreOffice, which immediately became stupidly better.
  • Oracle had a snit and shoved the corpse of OpenOffice at the Apache Foundation in mid-2011 at the behest of IBM, who wanted to do it their way.
  • Apache OpenOffice had nothing worth the trouble, but got downloads because of the famous “OpenOffice” brand name.
  • IBM gave up in late 2013. since then, AOO has literally been sixteen ex-Sun devs squatting the name and doing bugger-all with it. their reasons are unclear.
  • they insist they still have a product, even though what they’ve actually achieved has been to put over fifty million downloads that they knew were vulnerable on people’s PCs. possibly your PC.
  • instead of fixing it, by removing one file from the installer, they post excuses for not doing stuff.

(if this sounds like a fascinating tale, feel free to check the extensively-cited history sections of the, LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice articles on wikipedia, which i mostly researched and wrote.)

Apache OpenOffice’s lack of developers since IBM gave up is extensively documented. in late august a Red Hat developer posted an open letter urging them to just give up the pretense and redirect the end users (that’s you) to LibreOffice. this had wide impact, and quite a pile of others concurred that they need to stop making life actively worse for the end users. the AOO people posted numerous comments making excuses … but they still distribute their known dangerous software and just won’t lift a finger to fix it.

tl;dr: get the hell off OpenOffice, get everyone you know the hell off OpenOffice. get LibreOffice, it is strictly superior in literally every dimension, and they actually give a damn about you the user and fix the security holes.

this text is CC-0 public domain. please spread far and wide.

asylum-art-2: Digital Wizard Creates Living Makeup With…


Digital Wizard Creates Living Makeup With Face-Tracking Tech  by   Nobumichi Asai

You may already know how amazing so-called “projection mapping” technology can be. If you follow pop music, you might have caught IRMA’s latest music video, a single-shot romp through a beautifully rendered projection space. If you’ve been to a high-end sports area, you may have been treated to a full-court projection extravaganza. But you have never seen anything like the work of digital artist Nobumichi Asai and his team of digital designers, CGI experts, and make-up artists.Source:nerdist

I’m not even sure how to describe the video below other than “electronic makeup.” It’s astounding. Take a look