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participled: for real though, internet english is STAGGERINGLY multi-modal. the problem with…


for real though, internet english is STAGGERINGLY multi-modal. the problem with communicating via writing is that you lose certain dimensions of spoken conversation, like intonation, facial expression, body language, pauses and fillers etc, but there’s been so many linguistic innovations to maintain richness in communication, like

  • emojis/emoticons
  • use of capslock and purposefully creating/not fixing typos to convey excitement, or likewise not capitalizing anything
  • use of punctuation (or lack thereof) to indicate /emphasis/ or ~irony~ or apathy
  • reaction images and memes
  • use of familiar songs in tumblr text posts or vines etc
  • variational spellings like you/u or true/tru
  • bolding, italics, strikethrough, font size, line breaks, etc
  • (using parentheses to whisper)
  • tags as commentary, also the body of commonly used/commonly mocked hashtags

like i could go ON and ON about the things that internet language users have created to get around the difficulties of non-verbal communication, like ??? what other dialects can do all that and change that much in 30 years????

List of tumblrs that Close Caption Vines



Going to compile a list of deaf/hoh-friendly blogs that post captions on their reblogs of vines/videos! (will update when I come across any.)


satanshoe: give it up to black people tho


give it up to black people tho

“Pros – Lots of free food, parties and alcohol. If you’re a “bro” then you’ll have a great…”


- Lots of free food, parties and alcohol. If you’re a “bro” then you’ll have a great time.

- Tumblr is run on a tangled mess of homegrown tools, horrendously fragile code and the worst engineering practices I’ve ever seen from any company. There is no QA, code reviews aren’t taken seriously, anyone can commit to master and push their code to production at any time. The entire development process can best be described as institutionalized cowboy coding.

- Brogramming is real and Tumblr exemplifies it. It was the norm for bros to knowingly push buggy, incomplete, untested code into production after a few rounds of drinks then leave the problems for others while they moved onto another project.

- Engineering management is filled with dead weight who have been loyal and stuck around long enough. They aren’t qualified to lead teams, they have horrendous technical knowledge and do absolutely nothing to help grow the careers of their subordinates.

- Every position from VPs down to engineers are a revolving door, every week at least one person quits and the one thing that the people who quit have in common is that they were very good at their jobs. I can safely say that if you see someone has been at Tumblr more than six months they are looking for a new job; if they are there for two years or more they are probably incompetent. Absolutely no one who has options stays at Tumblr.

- New employees, no matter how experienced, are treated like they are complete idiots. Recently, I watched someone who had more experience than everyone on his team quit out of frustration. His manager told other people that he was useless and contributed nothing. What the manager didn’t realize was the same person he called useless had accepted a more senior role at Google.



its beautiful

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Why am I not surprised?

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Other “cons” found in the reviews:

“Products rushed to market without adequate testing”

“Company was a big [sic] confused in terms of what direction to take and employees could feel this.“

… and my favorite: “Get some competent product leaders and some actual UI specialists.”

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my mom has been a coder from way back, like she helped write the first ATM networks and stuff, and she worked with a guy who liked to dump his buggy ass code into the production machine and then leave for the weekend or a vacation or whatever

the systems administrator had a process that would remove any changes he’d made

dude never did run anything on the test box without being told to and never got fired for it

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a lot of things just started making sense

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… no, hang on, I just.

- There’s a complete lack of engineering best practices, their codebase is so fragmented, fragile, tangled and highly unreadable. Minor changes to the code cannot be made without risking the entire site going down. They don’t use continuous integration to test against anything and do not have the technical capital to even being writing tests. It’s shocking beyond belief…
- You get a really strange vibe from everyone in the office, people talk badly about others behind their backs and sometimes within earshot. Lots of inter-office romantic relationships.
- It’s a rotating door, nobody really stays for more than 1-2 years, many people including directors have left the company even before their stock reached it’s 1 year vesting cliff. This kills morale when nobody likes the company enough to stay.
- Morale is terrible after the acquisition, people talk poorly about yahoo and make fun of how old and outdated yahoo is as a company yet tumblr itself is old and outdated. The traffic to the website has plummeted on a monthly basis.
- A very small percent of the early employees have stayed and those who have keep talking down upon the newer employees
- They’ve built tons of custom, in house services which constantly break because they were so poorly written which makes being on call an absolute nightmare.
- Top it off with a few rats run around in the Manhattan HQ

This sounds like such a horror story, somebody write the gothic-meme version of this office please

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Netflix Announces Audio Description for the Blind Starting With Daredevil TODAY

Netflix Announces Audio Description for the Blind Starting With Daredevil TODAY:


Netflix Announces Audio Description for the Blind Starting With Daredevil TODAY

GOOD! I was wondering about this.

These Apps Are Helping People Document Police Abuse

These Apps Are Helping People Document Police Abuse:

ted: Meet the most successful tech entrepreneur you’ve never…


Meet the most successful tech entrepreneur you’ve never heard of. 

In 1962, Dame Stephanie Shirley decided she was sick of hitting the glass ceiling for women in the tech industry. So she founded an all-female software startup called Freelance Programmers, and she hired women who had left the workplace after getting married or having children. To get business, she often signed her name “Steve” instead of “Stephanie” in letters. “In those days, I couldn’t open a bank account without my husband’s permission,” Dame Stephanie says. “My generation of women fought the battles for the right to work and the right for equal pay.”

Freelance Programmers was ultimately valued at $3 billion, making Dame Stephanie and 70 of her employees millionaires. 

Watch her incredible TED Talk on her pioneering career>>

oedipus-rex: diversegaminglists:intersectionalfeminism:So a new blog has started called “Is There…




So a new blog has started called “Is There Rape In It”. Basically, it’s a blog dedicated to listing movies, TV shows, and videos game that have rape in them, so that victims and survivors can avoid triggers. 

Since they have just started up, they don’t have full lists yet. So if you are aware of rape in any of those forms of media, please reblog their lists and let them know!


there is also one for suicide and self harm!
(their lists arent that long yet either so if you have anything to submit to either, please do)

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Anita Sarkeesian “What I Couldn’t Say” Speech Lays Bare What Two Years Of Endless Abuse Does To You

Watch this.

Watch this.

This is so important. Thank you, so much, Anita.

I’ve seen so many women who I’m friends with have to star doing what Anita is talking about here, and it’s heartbreaking.

will watch later

neurosciencestuff:Clever Battery Completes Stretchable…


Clever Battery Completes Stretchable Electronics Package

Northwestern University’s Yonggang Huang and the University of Illinois’ John A. Rogers are the first to demonstrate a stretchable lithium-ion battery — a flexible device capable of powering their innovative stretchable electronics.

No longer needing to be connected by a cord to an electrical outlet, the stretchable electronic devices now could be used anywhere, including inside the human body. The implantable electronics could monitor anything from brain waves to heart activity, succeeding where flat, rigid batteries would fail.

Huang and Rogers have demonstrated a battery that continues to work — powering a commercial light-emitting diode (LED) — even when stretched, folded, twisted and mounted on a human elbow. The battery can work for eight to nine hours before it needs recharging, which can be done wirelessly.

The new battery enables true integration of electronics and power into a small, stretchable package. Details are published by the online journal Nature Communications.

“We start with a lot of battery components side by side in a very small space, and we connect them with tightly packed, long wavy lines,” said Huang, a corresponding author of the paper. “These wires provide the flexibility. When we stretch the battery, the wavy interconnecting lines unfurl, much like yarn unspooling. And we can stretch the device a great deal and still have a working battery.”

Huang led the portion of the research focused on theory, design and modeling. He is the Joseph Cummings Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The power and voltage of the stretchable battery are similar to a conventional lithium-ion battery of the same size, but the flexible battery can stretch up to 300 percent of its original size and still function.