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Okay, so the hair isn’t perfect, but it really is my first hair that I’ve completed from start to finish. I did all the original colors, shine and no shine. The knockers are accessories found in the hat category and has 20 swatches. I’m going to be honest, this hair does not look good in lighter colors, but they are still there. I’ll probably have this uploaded in a few days, I haven’t finished the lower lods.

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This is soooo cute!

I love love love this reminds me of the way i used to do my daughters hair

My sims will give me life, thanks to creators like you. *HUGS*


Yaas this is so cuuuute

Grindr Proves Effective Way to Distribute HIV Home-Testing Kits

Grindr Proves Effective Way to Distribute HIV Home-Testing Kits:


The rate of new HIV infections among the black and Latino MSM community is a cause for concern. Getting tested for HIV in these communities can be difficult, as stigma and accessibility hamper efforts to test for HIV. A team of researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California Los Angeles as well as Indiana University sought to raise awareness of easy to access at-home HIV testing kits as a method of testing for HIV. Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, professor of medicine, in conjunction with researchers both at UCLA and Indiana University launched a study to test the effectiveness of using banner advertisements in promoting the use of at-home HIV testing kits.

“We wanted to increase testing by making it easier, bringing it to where men are. Most sexually active young MSM use social network apps like Grindr to find new partners.”

Recipients received a kit in the mail, a voucher that could be redeemed for a kit at a pharmacy, or a code that would produce a kit from a vending machine in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. The kit is the commercially available Orasure Oraquick in-home HIV test kit.

According to The New York Times, the study was “confined to Los Angeles, and fewer than 400 test kits were distributed, but the idea has broader potential. Grindr is used by at least five million men in 192 countries, according to its developer. In the United States, young gay black and Hispanic men are the groups most likely to be infected with H.I.V. and the least likely to be tested for it, because they often lack health insurance and fear being rejected by their families.”

The study concluded that despite the low distribution of kits, Grindr is an feasable option for reaching men who have yet to get tested, and that the users reported a relative ease when it came to using the tests. The research team is optimistic that future use of apps to distribute HIV testing kits is a good option to try and reach “high-risk” populations. The original study was published in CISRO Publishing’s Sexual Health journal and can be read online through the journal’s website for $25 dollars. The abstract and conclusion can be read there for free, as well as through a press release courtesy of UCLA here.

After Dallas Shootings, Police Arrest People for Criticizing Cops on Facebook and Twitter

After Dallas Shootings, Police Arrest People for Criticizing Cops on Facebook and Twitter:






but when vulnerable members of society are being threatened online they couldn’t give less of a shit 

this is what i was talking about a few days ago. now it’s a crime to criticize power. what’s next, getting the door kicked in cause you reblogged a post from a thought criminal?

also, did you know that the protesters who shut down i-94 were charged with “third degree rioting.” is that gonna be the new thing now when people protest without a permit?

Third degree rioting? The actual fuck?

I’m waiting for the day when my attempts to find other local radicals will get me charged with “conspiracy to conspire.”

Where are the anti-sjws who always talk about “defending freedom of speech?

Indian sexual assault survivors break taboos by using Snapchat filters to tell their stories

Indian sexual assault survivors break taboos by using Snapchat filters to tell their stories:

Instead of a traditional interview format, the two survivors spoke directly to the camera through a selfie stick. They also chose their own filters to disguise their identity as they spoke of their harrowing experiences. Both opted for a fire-breathing dragon filter. Omar says that this helped the women feel more empowered as the masking and video recording unfolded in front of their eyes.

Here’s All The Data Pokemon Go Is Collecting From Your Phone

Here's All The Data Pokemon Go Is Collecting From Your Phone:




Like most apps that work with the GPS in your smartphone, Pokemon Go can tell a lot of things about you based on your movement as you play: Where you go, when you went there, how you got there, how long you stayed, and who else was there. And, like many developers who build those apps, Niantic keeps that information.

According to the Pokemon Go privacy policy, Niantic may collect — among other things — your email address, IP address, the web page you were using before logging into Pokemon Go, your user name, and your location. And if you use your Google account for sign-in, unless you specifically revoke it, Niantic has access to your entire Google account. That means Niantic has read and write access to your email, Google Drive docs, and more. (It also means that if the Niantic servers are hacked, whoever hacked the servers would potentially have access to your entire Google account. And you can bet the game’s extreme popularity has made it a target for hackers. Given the number of children playing the game, that’s a scary thought.) You can check what kind of access Niantic has to your Google account here.

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cool time to never play pokemon go with my google account again

i was bitching about this earlier. this is such bullshit moral panic garbage.

yeah. ok. this game and about a billion other apps on your phone are collecting vast amounts of your personal data.

the only way to ensure proper ‘privacy’ in this respect is to *not have a smartphone*.

internet privacy is a privilege very few of us have access too. this kind of, ‘zomg! panic!’ about data collection just blames ppl for not being ‘smart’ enough to prevent privacy violations.

why is the call for action for individuals to try and stand up to a multimillion dollar corporation and not, as would actually be useful, focusing on the corporation and the entire internet/web culture that thrives on violating privacy.

systematically stripping us of privacy is literally how most of the major tech companies make their money. this is literally all that google and facebook are. data collecting machines to sell advertising.

this issue is a broad, systemic one that is also reflected in our institutions like government.

bc. really. tell me. how are each of us supposed to overcome the collective power of all the major tech companies and governments so that we can feel like we have privacy online?

the answer is: we can’t.

i’m tired of patronizing articles like this that largely run on the premise that most ppl are too fucking stupid to understand that our privacy is being violated by pretty much every single tech company in existence. and most governments.

you know how many fucking articles and shit there is about this stuff? we know. we *know*.

and now, i’m not advocating for some kind of fatalism where we just give up on privacy, but we need to switch the focus from making this a personal issue to a systemic one and create strategies to create an entirely different tech culture. instead of one that literally functions on privacy violations.