#5yrsago Iphone fingerprint hacker on the limits of biometrics for security


Jan “Starbug” Krissler, the Chaos Computer Club researcher who broke the fingerprint reader security on the new Iphone, had given a long interview to Zeit Online explaining his process and his thoughts on biometrics in general. The CCC’s Alex Antener was good enough to translate the interview for us; I’ve included some of the most interesting bits after the jump.


Tribally owned solar power plant beats skeptics, odds on Navajo Nation

Tribally owned solar power plant beats skeptics, odds on Navajo Nation:


WASHINGTON – Deenise Becenti remembers watching this summer as a woman in the Navajo Nation who had been waiting more than 20 years to get electricity in her home flipped the switch to turn on the lights for the first time.

“She had a whole lot of happy tears,” said Becenti, the spokeswoman for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority. “It was a very humble day because you knew that she had been waiting for ‘the day’ for a very long time.”

“The day” was made possible by the Kayenta Solar Project, the first large-scale solar farm on the Navajo Nation and the largest tribally owned renewable power plant in the country. The 27.3-megawatt plant, which went on line last summer, now generates enough power for 18,000 homes on Navajo lands.

But many thought the day might never come.

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DRYP - an app that keeps your plants alive and happy

Hi Tumblr!

I know I’ve been gone for a while.

In part it’s because I’ve been working on an app!

I keep a lot of plants. I think everyone should!

- They clean your air
- They give you something to name
- They give you something to take care of
- They teach you about care, needs, and resources
- They make you look like you’re good at decorating

Here are some of mine:

But some people, because they’re overwhelmed or simply can’t figure out how to start, think that plants are out of their reach.

DRYP is for newcomers and experts.

It reminds you when to water

And it helps you fix what’s broken

If you think the world would be better with this app in it, please consider contributing to the Kickstarter!

I’ve tried to make it worth your while:

Again here’s the link to contribute:

DRYP - an app that keeps your plants alive and happy

And if you like me / if you like my idea, please signal boost!

@drypforplants on Twitter and instagram

guys I just checked and they need a lot more to get to their goal ;^; there’s only 17 days left!!!


This seems extremely cool!

afloweroutofstone: tankies: Massachusetts police tweet lets slip scale of leftwing…



Well this is fucking terrifying

“At the height of Thursday night’s gas emergency that affected 8,000 people and in which one person was killed, Massachusetts state police posted to Twitter a map of responses to fires and explosions.

It was an image of a computer monitor, showing locations of 39 incidents as confirmed “by MSP Watch Center”, and it included a vital message: “Reminder: all residents of Lawrence/Andover/N[orth] Andover who have Columbia Gas must evacuate, as should anyone else who smells gas.”

But the image also showed something else: a bookmarks bar at the top of the browser window which listed several leftwing groups.

The bookmarks included a Facebook group for Mass Action Against Police Brutality (MAAPB); the Coalition to Organize and Mobilize Boston Against Trump (Combat); Facebook 413; Facebook MA Activism; and Resistance Calendar, which notes timings for canvassing for Democratic or progressive candidates and anti-Trump rallies.

The state police’s official Twitter account shared the image at 6.26pm. Less than half an hour later it deleted it and shared a new one, which had been cropped. But the first tweet had already drawn the attention of activists and reporters, who shared screenshots and began a social media debate about online police surveillance.”

She believes in girls who code – so much that she left Apple to come home and help them

She believes in girls who code – so much that she left Apple to come home and help them:


Khalia Braswell, 27, a former Apple engineer, quit her job at the tech giant in January. She came home to Charlotte to expand the technology boot camps she organizes through her nonprofit, INTech, to inspire young girls of color to get into tech.