Labor acknowledgments

The 2015 #transformDH Conference and THATCamp was made possible by many people’s work. If you contributed and I missed you from this list, please email to be added!

Alexis Lothian has been the primary conference organizer, putting together programming, co-ordinating planning, and constantly realizing how many people it takes to make even a comparatively small event happen.

JV Sapinoso has provided immeasurable quantities of logistical support, invaluable advice, and institutional knowledge.

Cliffornia Royals Pryor also provided great quantities of logistical and institutional support.

Seung-kyung Kim has generously supported this event and its organizer in both material and immaterial ways.

Jason Farman provided the conference space along with other forms of support.

Melissa Rogers designed and stitched the beautiful #transformDH logo, which was photographed by Reed Bonnet.

Avery Dame designed the posters and helped coordinate the conference logistics.

Michelé Prince coordinated a small army of student volunteers whose labor kept the event running smoothly, including Jessica Vooris, D.B. Bauer, Cara Snyder, Anna Storti, Clara Montague, Guy Hostetter, and Ruth Osorio.

Porter Olsen was responsible for the livestream.

Kathryn Kaczmarek helped subtitle the video showcase and assisted in THATCamp coordination.

Cassandra Lytle of UMD Disability Support Services arranged for ASL interpreters and gave advice on accessibility.

Amanda Visconti consulted on THATCamp planning.

Julie Enzser‘s work on the first Women’s Studies Technology Institute was an inspiration.

Katie King‘s ideas, support and conversation have helped to shape the event.

Martha Nell Smith, Matt Kirschenbaum, Neil Fraistat and many other UMD faculty have been enthusiastic supporters of the #transformDH conference idea since it was first mentioned to them.

All of the #transformDH collaborators, whether or not they will be present in the flesh at the conference, have shaped its creation and development – in particular Fiona Barnett and micha cárdenas (whose idea it was that I make this page).