2015 Video Showcase

After their premiere at the #transformDH Video Showcase on October 2, 2015, you will be able to click on the titles below to watch the following videos and learn more about their creators.


Part One: Transformative Storytelling

Red Light-Stop! Genealogies of Reproductive Injustice (10 minutes) by Sandra Patton-Imani and Melanie Patton-Imani

13 Lunas 13/13 Moons 13 (9:50 minutes) by Tina Escaja

Woke Up (10 minutes)  by Cristian Aguilar

Remixing Histories, Reworking Social Realities: Challenging the Multicultural Erasure of Borderlands Remembrance Practices (5:35 minutes) by Joanna Sanchez-Avila and Lizzy Bentley

The Invisible Universe in Speculative Fiction Film (5 minutes) by M. Asli Dukan


Part Two: Situating Knowledges

Beyond Ruins: A Video Remix in the Contrapuntal (4:31 minutes) by Viola Lasmana

aguamiel: secrets of the agave :: on water (9 minutes) by Jamie A. Lee and Adela C. Licona

Crip Theory and Disability Studies (2:14 minutes) by Dev Bose (will not be available to watch online)

Digit(al) Shakespeares (10 minutes) by Tyrone Giordano and Jill Marie Bradbury