13 Lunas 13/13 Moons 13 (Tina Escaja)


“13 Lunas 13 / 13 Moons 13” is a video-project on sexuality and menstruation. The video records testimonies of 13 Spanish women from different generations and backgrounds addressing the taboo of menstruation, implicitly confronting the reasons for a taboo that involves language, religion and gender relations. Euphemisms, anxieties, complicity among women, and mythologies surrounding a topic traditionally silenced and associated with impurity and shame, are part of a conversation that for older generations in particular was based on sexual repression, ignorance and abuse. Revealing testimonies and practices around menstruation and celebrating women’s sexuality are the ultimate goals of a project that involves, beyond the video itself, interactive testimony, poetry and digital art. More on the ongoing project at tinaescaja.com

Watch the video:

Creator bios:

Tina Escaja is a Spanish-American author, digital artist and scholar based in Burlington, Vermont. As a literary critic, she has published extensively on gender and contemporary Latin American and Spanish poetry and technology. Her creative work transcends the traditional book form, leaping into digital art, video and multimedia projects exhibited in museums and galleries in Spain, Mexico and the United States. Her poetry has been translated into six languages and has appeared in literary collections around the world.

Alex Escaja contributed as a co-editor for the revised and shortened version of “13 Lunas 13 / 13 Moons 13” for the Transformative Digital Humanities Conference. She has both edited and created film throughout her life, helping background-video special effects in theatre, participating in both film festivals and contests, and helping the local community promote their work through video. She is a 10th grader at South Burlington High Schools in Vermont.

All spoken dialogue in the video is in Spanish with English subtitles. A transcript will be posted here shortly.