unatronic: Allied Media Conference 2012 Drop-in Playpen…


Allied Media Conference 2012 Drop-in Playpen Games
Happening throughout the conference in the Exhibition Area

Want to chill out, play some games, maybe run around a 3D sim world? Come to the Drop-in Playpen! We’ll have a large selection of radical video games, board games, and simulations that you can play on your own or with new friends. If you’ve been working on a game at the AMC, this is the perfect place to playtest it!

Dog Eat Dog: A tabletop roleplaying game about the colonization of a Pacific Island

Virtual Detroit: A 3D virtual world simulation to explore “sustainable urbanism” in the city

Roba-Roba: A Pac-Man like game about political corruption in Brazil

The City: A tabletop boardgame about community-building that uses actual resources like electricity and solar panels

Unmanned: A split-screen game about the newest kind of solider: one who remotely drops bombs on foreign soil during the day and night goes home to his family in the suburbs.

The McDonald’s Game: A resource management game in which you control every part of the McDonald’s corporation, from the creation of pastures to the branding.

A Friendship in Four Colours: A two-player game about collaboration and friendly fire.

Dys4ia: an unfair game about hormone replacement therapy. It is autobiographical.

Realistic Female First Person Shooter: a satirical game created in response to a men’s rights forum post complaining about unrealistic “strong female character” games.

Traitor: A space shooter in which you obey your conscience instead of authority.