Facebook’s Instagram Changes May Exploit Teen Content

Facebook's Instagram Changes May Exploit Teen Content:


Facebook Inc.’s Instagram policy changes, announced yesterday, may let advertisers use teenagers’ photos for marketing, raising privacy and security concerns, said Jeffrey Chester, executive director for the Center for Digital Democracy.

The new policies, which now apply to users as young as 13, enable Instagram, a photo-sharing service that Facebook bought in August, to use members’ names, text, photos and other content with marketing messages, the company said on its site. The new terms of use, set to take effect next month, could be exploitative, Chester said.

Such a trip. No boundaries anymore.

Digital Doyennes: My New Social Everything Tool

Digital Doyennes: My New Social Everything Tool:


Thank you Quora the best social netork in all the interland for introducing me to IFTTT. As a creative person I have zero actually working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, or math, therefore, if this then that didn’t mean that much to me until I found this site and realized I could tell my social…