Things I would like to see (video game edition)


-More POC spearheading their own titles.

-More women spearheading their own titles

-Fat women who can kick ass and are a love interest.

-Incubi. Sexy, nearly naked incubi. I’m tired of seeing Succubi type creatures EVERYWHERE. They are tired, over done, and played out.

-More LGBTQIA characters that aren’t sex workers.

-A game to which, if you can choose gender, have the option of picking an androgynous or agender type character that has gender neutral pronouns of some sort

mitgutsch: In the last few years a new trend of designing video…


In the last few years a new trend of designing video games intended to fulfill a serious purpose through impacting the players in real life contexts has emerged. These games claim to raise awareness about social and political issues such as inequity, injustice, poverty, racism, sexism, exploitation, and oppression. Their intent is to reach a specific purpose beyond pure entertainment. But what are the specific attributes of purposeful games and how can they be researched? Which game design challenges arise and how are they addressed? How do players make meaning of their game play experiences in general? And what is the future of purposeful games research? In this talk three perspectives of Mitgutsch’s recent research on purposeful games are outlined: To begin, insights from a recent study on meaningful experiences in players’ lives are examined and the research method of playographies is discussed. In the second part, a research-based game design project on subversive game design and recursive learning is presented and the background of the game Afterland is highlighted. Finally, the narrative of serious games and the design of purposeful games are discussed. On this basis, recent research results will be explored and future challenges for game design and purposeful games research will be outlined.