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Wendy Carlos: Why she kicks ass

  • She is an American composer and electronic musician, who first came to prominence in 1968 with Switched-On Bach, a recording of music by J.S. Bach painstakingly assembled, phrase-by-phrase, on the Moog synthesizer, at this time a relatively new and unknown instrument. This earned her three Grammy Awards in 1969.
  •  Later she released original compositions, including the first-ever album of synthesized environmental sounds, Sonic Seasonings (1972) and an album exploring alternate tunings Beauty in the Beast (1986). 
  • She has also worked in film music, notably writing and performing scores for two Stanley Kubrick movies, A Clockwork Orange (1971) The Shining (1980), Walt Disney’s Tron and a collaborated with (Weird) Al Yankovic on a humorous musical album, coupling a parody of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf with a whimsical extension of a Saint-Saens classic, called Carnival of the Animals - Part Two. 
  • Over 1992-1995, in collaboration Larry Fast, Carlos developed a state-of-the-art digital process of soundtrack restoration and surround stereo conversion called: Digi-Surround Stereo Sound. The novel techniques have proven invaluable on recent film and music projects, and in the remasterings of older works.
  • In 2005, Wendy was presented with the SEAMUS 2005 Life Achievement Award, in recognition of her groundbreaking work in the electro acoustic world since the ’60s. She has delivered papers at New York University, the Audio Engineering Society’s Digital Audio Conference, Dolby’s NYC Surround Sound demonstration and panel, and other music/audio conferences. 
  • She is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and consults for several Macintosh developers including Mark of the Unicorn, Opcode, and Coda, has designed PostScript music fonts for Casady & Greene, and has developed libraries and tunings for Kurzweil/Young Chang.

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Jepchumba: Why she kicks ass

  • She is an African Digital Artist and Digital Enthusiast who works hard to combine her two passions: Digital Media and Africa, and experiments with motion, sound and various digital effects and techniques and has an extensive background in digital art, web design and development, audio/visual production and social media strategies.
  • She has a Masters in Digital Media with experience in New Media project management and digital production, specializing in Web Design, Digital Art, Audio/Visual Production and User Interface/User Experience.
  • She is also the Founder and Creative Director of African Digital Art; a collective and creative space where digital artists, enthusiasts and professionals can seek inspiration, showcase their artistry and connect with emerging artists. Since its inception African Digital Art has grown to be a source of inspiration to Africa’s creative economy, and continues to push digital boundaries by fostering, promoting and showcasing the best in African digital media and arts. For the past two years it has presented unparalleled ideas, individualistic works and insightful designer solutions by the African creative, and has become a platform for innovation and inspiration with a sophisticated blend of fresh talent and successful designers and artists.
  • She is also the owner of Owner of AFRODIGI STUDIO; a digital design studio that offers web, print, design services.
  • Check out her website {HERE}