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“Ovia is pitching a paid version of its app to insurers and large employers who want a heads-up on how many of their members or employees want to conceive.”

please kill silicon valley


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The Augmented Reality Sandbox 

The Augmented Reality Sandbox (orginally developed by researchers at UC Davis) lets users sculpt mountains, canyons and rivers, then fill them with water or even create erupting volcanoes. This version of the device at UCLA was built by Gary Glesener using off-the-shelf parts and good ol’ playground sand.

Any shape made in the sandbox is detected by an Xbox Kinect sensor and processed with open source software. It is then projected as a color-coded contour map onto the sand.

Inside China’s censorship factories, where young censors learn to erase history


The censorship industry in China is big business.

“My office is next to the big training room,” Mr. Yang said. “I often hear the surprised sounds of ‘Ah, ah, ah.’” China’s censorship machine is so well oiled that young censors have to be taught what they were missing.

This incredible New York Times feature by reporter Li Yuan offers an intimate peek inside a Chinese censorship factory, and shows how they train their young human censors – and how technology supports their work.

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“Our short-term goals are to get folks home for the holidays”

• There are more African American men incarcerated in the U.S. than the total prison populations in India, Argentina, Canada, Lebanon, Japan, Germany, Finland, Israel and England, combined.

• Ziegler, a PhD recipient now based in Oakland, explains that a July tweet proposing the app idea gained traction, inspiring him to pursue the concept in a real way.

• While is another towering extension of Ziegler’s contributions towards aiding marginalized people, he knows it’s a small step towards bringing light and hope to the trying effects mass incarceration presents.

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when you find an academic source that’s perfect for your paper but it’s behind a pay wall

Deciding to cite it anyway base on the abstract, knowing your professor probably won’t go through and look up every source in works cited

if you guys want to read academic papers but they’re behind a paywall, get the chrome extension Unpaywall. when you visit a site that requires you pay for their journal to view the article, the extension will look for other open access sites that will show you the article for free, and it’s all completely legal. all that money goes to the publisher, the writer of the paper gets none of it.

If you can find out an author’s name, contact them. They may be willing to email it to you.For free. 

#1yrago Internet mostly fake now


When bots finally accounted for half the traffic on the internet, Media Experts speculated that algorithms would start identifying bots as a better advertising target than humans. Mad Read points out that fear of “Inversion” is now quaint. Now everything is so fake online that no-one trusts numbers at all.

Burnt Out & Neurotic: The Toll of Blogging While Ace and Mentally Ill

Burnt Out & Neurotic: The Toll of Blogging While Ace and Mentally Ill:


This post is a submission for the December 2018 Carnival of Aces on the topic of “burnout”, hosted by Sennkesta at Next Step: Cake. See the call for submissions if you’d like to participate. 

Over the last few years, I’ve had to own up to the fact that I’m not exactly the spitting image of mental health. Unbeknownst to (or rather, unacknowledged by) me until relatively recently, I’ve struggled with persistent depression and social anxiety for most of my life. As such, debilitating depression/anxiety isn’t new to me. Major depressive episodes? Been there. Anxiety attacks? Par for the course.

It’s precisely that kind of attitude that left me oblivious to signs that, in hindsight, should have made it clear that what I first experienced in 2016 and continue to experience today was/is more than ‘just’ a depressive episode or exacerbated anxiety. Rather, I was/am in the midst of burnout that has been compounded upon by a mental breakdown.

Actually, I feel I should take a step back and rephrase what I’ve just said. Rather than refer to it as burnout that was compounded upon by a mental breakdown, it’s more accurate to say that neither proceeded nor followed the other. Instead, both occured simultaneously as the culmination of years worth of ‘lesser’ burnouts and otherwise nicks & dings to my mental well-being during the course of blogging, vlogging, and organizing as an ace activist.*

I do want to stress that while one particular incident in 2016 may have been the needle that broke this cat’s back, even that incident is part of a larger problem; that is, my own failure to adequately manage my own mental [un]health and personal grievances in regards to blogging about asexuality and aromanticism, so-called ‘discourse’, and toxic callout culture on the social media platform that is Tumblr.

What happened to make this instance of burnout and mental breakdown particularly noteworthy? What has the road to recovery been like thus far? What repercussions to my future as an ace blogger/vlogger will there be in light of my aversion to Tumblr blogging culture?

The tanswer to all of these questions and more is The Opposite of Fun Times, but of course there is also a tl;dr version, for those interested [ ]

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