vintagecongo: Mandombe or Mandombé is a script that was…


Mandombe or Mandombé is a script that was invented by Wabeladio Payi from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1978 . It’s intended for writing the four national languages of the D.R.Congo; Swahili, Lingala, Tshiluba and Kikongo. The script it taught in Kimbanguist church schools in the Republic of Congo, D.R. Congo and Angola.  [read more]

Table by Andrij Rovenchak


The Lord’s prayer in Swahili


springwise: Communication app for teens is inaudible to…


Communication app for teens is inaudible to adults

Teenagers have always found ways to communicate exclusively amongst themselves, creating secret languages and codes, much to the frustration of the adults in their lives. Now, a new app makes it even easier for kids to communicate on the sly via their mobile phones, by producing an alert sound that is only audible to young people. READ MORE…

angryasiangirlsunited: Meet Melanie Meng, pixel artist…


Meet Melanie Meng, pixel artist extraordinaire. 

She’s a student at SUNY Albany, sister of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc, and origami instructor in her free time. I interviewed her about her art and shop (originally supposed to go up on Fascinasians); you can find her at!  

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

I want to say that it is because I am the year of the monkey which makes me very crafty or creative. Or maybe it is because I get bored easily and need to entertain myself but I have always loved hands-on crafts. I started with origami, then went on to puzzles, and to friendship bracelets and even to building furniture and now perler beading. I always refused to pay for things that I can do myself such as cutting my hair, sewing plushies, etc. So I always take the time to research about the craft and create it myself.

2. What got you into making pixel art?

I got into pixel art when i briefly saw it online. I couldn’t find the name of what it was, so I gave up. That is, until one winter when Improv Everywhere had a “No Pants” day, I saw a guy wear a snoopy bead on his bag. I asked where he got them from and he told me he made them! I figured it would be a great hobby since I was transferring to a new school as a Junior.

3. What was the first pixelart you ever made?

My first ever pixel art I made was a gameboy. Looking back at it right now I can seriously see the improvements I’ve made. You’d think there is not much skill to it and honestly there isn’t but the melting part is very crucial to me. I like to melt it just to the point where its square but still have holes in it to give it that pixel feel.

4. What’s your favorite one?

I look at all my work and honestly I can not pick a favorite They’ve become sentimental to me. They are my babies, my hard work, my sweat, my sacrifice of sleep, my everything. Each one has a special meaning to me or a small memory in them.

5. I noticed on your photos that you can also make pixelart boxes! Are there any other versatile ways to use pixel art?

There are sooooo many ways to use these pixel arts! They’re waterproof, which allows them to be coasters, or even bathroom and kitchen decor. They’re lightweight which allows them to become magnets, pins, or keychains. They have holes in them which allows you to loop a string through them and dangle them from the ceiling. I’ve had people who loved the pieces so much, they framed it so they can hang it on their wall like it was a painting. As for the 3D boxes, I’ve made one for someone to use as a paperclip holder. I have one for myself that holds post it paper. I personally use them as wall decor since blank spaces on my wall makes my room seem boring!

6. Where can people contact you for custom pieces?

I recently taken this to the next level and created an email, instagram and Storenvy account.
IG: @PIxelate_My_World.

Or just simply, Facebook :)

7. What’s one thing you want to share with aspiring artists?

 Everyone has an artist in them. An artist does not necessarily mean someone who draws/paints. Photographers, musicians, cake makers, are all artists. Anything that catches your attention and makes you smile or happy can be seen as art.

How to recover an unsaved draft on Microsoft Word




 This literally saved my ass a few minutes ago. Yes, you can recover those files that you accidentally closed and thought you couldnt get back. 

Right after that happens, open Microsoft Word again and click File - Info - Manage Versions - Recover Unsaved Documents.

It is literally that simple.

Reblog - save a life

Reblog - save a file

Library / Study Nook audio atmosphere

Library / Study Nook audio atmosphere:



hey guys! i recently discovered this amazing website. i am an auditory learner, so i study and focus best with background noise. i think i’ll make a post about tips and resources for auditory learners like me later, but basically sometimes music with lyrics is too distracting and classical music makes me fall asleep, so this is perfect. i used a template from a ravenclaw common room ambience (go eagles!) and adjusted some things. for me, my ideal study nook is in a nice old fashioned wooden library with the fire crackling and old dog-eared pages turning. in other words, what i imagine the hogwarts library to be like.

oh god that’s embarrassing, but if anyone’s to understand, it’s the studyblr community.

at any rate, please feel free to listen to my audio atmosphere and make any adjustments you’d like to! this is a great site and if you like the concept but not the ambience i made, i strongly encourage you to play around anyway.

if this link doesn’t work for some reason, message me and let me know - i’m not 100% sure yet as i’ve never shared stuff on here before.

This is cool

aandyrea: hale-yah: I refuse to use an app that says, “we…



I refuse to use an app that says, “we won’t post or share your information,” yet takes the first opportunity it can for promotion by stealing my friends’ photos to place in an advertisement.

This is wrong on so many levels. With these apps, the LGBTQ+ community puts so much trust in statements such as these. I know I did when I was trying to meet people in a new city but also scared of being fully out.

1. What if my friends are not out and have now just been outed by an app that uses their photo to promote on Facebook?

2. What if my friends are no longer a couple and that is an old photo. Do you think they would like to see that showing up on their Newsfeed? Probably not.

3. What if my friends do not wish to be identified or labeled as female, lesbian, gay, queer? Welp, no worries. Because HER just did that for them.

4. What if my friends want their photos to be shared between each other and those closest to them? What if they don’t want to parade their personal and intimate relationship to perfect strangers?

5. You’re messing with my FRIENDS. This is so sad and disheartening. The internet makes me shake my head more so than not these days.

Needless to say, I’m annoyed. I know this isn’t the first time this has happened to people and I wish that more users were aware of it.

@aandyrea @lu-ia

And I know this happened to @britlively too.

Thank you for putting my thoughts into much more eloquent words.
I’m pretty annoyed that my photo has been used by this app. I’ve seen it stolen and reposted countless times on tumblr and Instagram, but I never expected a well recognized app to do that.
We’ll see if they reply to my email.


startalkradio: #ILookLikeAnEngineer  Isis Anchalee wasn’t…



Isis Anchalee wasn’t planning on starting a twitter trend when she was pulled into quickly snap a photo for OneLogin’s recruiting campaign, but when people tired to call her out on ‘what an female engineer looks like’, the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag was born. 

You can read her story here: You May Have Seen My Face on BART and check out the other tweets here!