Last remaining speaker of Native language painstakingly creates dictionary

Last remaining speaker of Native language painstakingly creates dictionary:






The dictionary took seven years. Marie worked on it constantly, sometimes until late at night, writing down remembered words on scraps of paper and typing them up slowly and carefully. Now she and her daughter hold weekly Wukchumni language classes, and she’s recording an audio version of the dictionary with her grandson.

The video and accompanying high school lesson plan seem like a decent introduction to language revitalization, although I’d add a small preemptive caution: I’ve heard from people involved in language revitalization that many aren’t too fond of death metaphors like “dying”, “disappearing”, “extinct”, “saving”, and so on. Words like “endangered”, “struggling”, “precarious”, “sleeping”, and “revitalizing” emphasize the agency of the communities involved, even in the case where a language is brought back into speech from writings and recordings. 

Reblogging again because stuff like this is so important. Please watch the video–it’s so amazing and heart felt.

This is amazing.

Yep, talking about a language in terms of “dying” or “disappering” isnt helpful and creates a false sense of inevitability, which is the last thing u need for successful revitalization. Also it fucking hurts those who speak it because that language is alive in them right now - Not Dead.

Call for submissions for Disobedient Electronics


“‘Disobedient Electronics’ is a zine-oriented publishing project that seeks submissions from industrial designers, electronic artists, hackers and makers that disobey conventions, especially work that is used to highlight injustices, discrimination or abuses of power.”

That’s a category I can get behind. Submissions due Dec 31.

As a context, here is a list of some projects that would fit as “Disobedient Electronics”:

– Natalie Jeremijenko – Feral Robotic Dogs
– The Bureau of Inverse Technology – Suicide Box
– Michelle Teran – Life: A User’s Manual
– Benjamin Gaulon – Corrupt.desktop
– Critical Art Ensemble, Paul Vanouse, Faith Wilding – Radio Bikes
– Institute for Applied Autonomy – Graffiti Writer
– Survival Research Laboratories – Demanufacturing Machine
– James Pierce – Obscura 1C Camera
– Electronic Disturbance Theater – Transborder Immigrant Tool
– The Yes Men – The Survivaball Survival Suit
– The Illuminator Art Collective – The Illuminator
– Limor Fried / Ladyada – Wave Bubble Cell Phone Jammer
– Barbie Liberation Organization – Barbie / G.I. Joe Home Surgery Instructions
– Rafael Lozano-Hemmer – Updating ‘Perverting Technological Correctness’ for 2017
– Krzysztof Wodiczko: Updating ‘Interrogative Design’ Post-Trump
– Dunne & Raby: Updating ‘Critical Design’ Post-Brexit

We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned

We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned:


“The people wanted to hear this,” he says. “So all it took was to write that story. Everything about it was fictional: the town, the people, the sheriff, the FBI guy. And then … our social media guys kind of go out and do a little dropping it throughout Trump groups and Trump forums and boy it spread like wildfire.”

And as the stories spread, Coler makes money from the ads on his websites. He wouldn’t give exact figures, but he says stories about other fake-news proprietors making between $10,000 and $30,000 a month apply to him. Coler fits into a pattern of other faux news sites that make good money, especially by targeting Trump supporters.

However, Coler insists this is not about money. It’s about showing how easily fake news spreads. And fake news spread wide and far before the election. When I pointed out to Coler that the money gave him a lot of incentive to keep doing it regardless of the impact, he admitted that was “correct.”

Coler says he has tried to shine a light on the problem of fake news. He has spoken to the media about it. But those organizations didn’t know who he actually was. He gave them a fake name: Allen Montgomery.

Coler, a registered Democrat, says he has no regrets about his fake news empire. He doesn’t think fake news swayed the election.


I dont. I cant. WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. WHITE FOLK?!?!?!?!   

This SHIT is what happens when you emphasize freedom at every turn and REFUSE to take RESPONSIBILITY for shit.