“The Internet is the greatest communication innovation of our age. The impolite question of every…”

“The Internet is the greatest communication innovation of our age. The impolite question of every communication innovation is “What do we do when the peasants get access?” Facebook started at Harvard, trickled down through the Ivy League and into the general populace; Tumblr was a micro-blogging platform for a cultural elite and now is a billion-dollar Yahoo property. The part that doesn’t inspire the rapturous wonder and hyperbolic copy, is the simple geeky love of it. Social media is mostly business-friendly copy on top of the good old-fashioned desire for human connection. Folks want to talk, and often, to each other. From the early days of usenet to, yes, the blogs and tweets of today, we send ideas, feelings, brain droppings out into the world and hope they meet up with other folks. If we are very lucky, those who interact with us make sending them worthwhile. For the most part, branding and the banality of our day-to-day lives can co-exist peacefully, except when the brand is movement-making. Online branding demands an almost robotic adherence to a message, whatever that message is. Exclusiveness attracts interest that allows for popularity that can translate into stellar careers and influential places in society. Movement-making, at its best, is a roiling, argumentative, communal beast that’s based in an exchange across all sorts of channels. It doesn’t look pretty and it’s terribly hard to sell.”


The Long Feminist Summer, Sydette Harry (via burnedbanksia)

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baapi-makwa: Legendary Moozoog / Ojibwe Language Podcast #2:…


Legendary Moozoog / Ojibwe Language Podcast #2: Mary Moose

Anishinaabe elders Lawrence & Mary Moose who are both fluent first language speakers of the Anishinaabe/Ojibwe language. The Podcast is the first in a series of Anishinaabe stories that encompass the unique world view & cultural perspective… (x)

A Free And Easy-To-Use Tool, So The Media Can Keep Whistleblowers Secret | Co.Exist | World changing ideas and innovation

A Free And Easy-To-Use Tool, So The Media Can Keep Whistleblowers Secret | Co.Exist | World changing ideas and innovation:





This past spring, Wired’s investigations editor Kevin Poulsen announced that before Aaron Swartz’s death, he had been working with the brilliant young programmer and activist to develop a secure-submission tool between whistleblowers and journalists, so that whistleblowers could easily get their documents and evidence to journalists without revealing their identities. As of today, that service is now available for all journalists to use.

Swartz, who helped create a number of crucial online tools (see Reddit and court document database PACER, among many others) and rallied critically against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), took his life in January of this year after federal prosecutors slammed him with 13 felony charges over downloading upwards of 4 million academic articles through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s JSTOR database. But despite Swartz’s tragically short life, his contributions to society and Internet freedom live on: In May, the New Yorker launched Strongbox, a secure whistleblowing tool that came out of Poulsen’s direction and Swartz’s code.

Today, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, in collaboration with Poulsen, released SecureDrop, an open-source private messaging tool based on that same code, but made available to all news organizations that wish to install it. “Several major news agencies have already signed up for installations, and they will be announced in the coming weeks,” Freedom of the Press announced in a press release.

Freedom of the Press has thrown its full weight behind SecureDrop, and has pledged to help media outlets install and learn the software in the coming months, with the aid of computer security specialist James Dolan. The code appears to have gone through a pretty rigorous auditing process, too: Before gifting SecureDrop to media organizations, Freedom of the Press put the tool through a test led by University of Washington researchers, security expert Bruce Schneier, and famed hacktivist Jacob Appelbaum. If SecureDrop is as strong as Freedom of the Press says it is, it’s one more way to keep the Fourth Estate functional in an era of surveillance and whistleblower crackdowns.

thewritingcafe: Part I: Fantasy Participants were able to…


Part I: Fantasy

Participants were able to choose more than one genre, or none at all.

Some terminology and abbreviations:

  • Punk Genres - refers to genres such as cyberpunk
  • Alien (in slide 1) - refers to alien invasions
  • AU - refers to alternate world, alternate universe, or parallel universe
  • Dystopian - includes utopian
  • Post-apoc - includes apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories
  • Butterfly - refers to the butterfly effect in time travel
  • AI - refers to artificial intelligence
  • Android - refers to robots who become sentient and/or intelligent
  • Robots - refers to robots vs humans or robots overtaking humans
  • Hero vs npc - refers to hero of average intelligence outsmarting superior or artificial intelligence
  • Alien (in slide 3) - refers to aliens with no culture
  • Underdog - refers to the underdog scientist or hero who ends up saving the day (or finding an impossible cure, etc.) while the smartest or best people for the job could not

Study finds TV shows with ethnically diverse casts, writers have higher ratings / UCLA Newsroom

Study finds TV shows with ethnically diverse casts, writers have higher ratings / UCLA Newsroom:



truth bombs

Have You Heard About The Nigerian Video Game Explosion?

Have You Heard About The Nigerian Video Game Explosion?:


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Epiphany One Puck charges your phone!

No need for an electrical power source….it’s ‘powered’ by your hot coffee or ice cold sweat tea.  How awesome is that?

This here is pretty smart.

sweat tea

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Wtf is sweat tea?


Sweet tea is what heaven feels like, mothafuckas. Get into that deliciousness.

the-more-u-know: Scientists are on the verge of being able to…


Scientists are on the verge of being able to produce viable, living human organs via 3D bioprinters.

I was reading an article like 10 years ago and they were talking about not needing a walmart and a best buy or whatever sometime in the foreseeable future. They were talking about if you want a camera you will no longer buy it, you will just have a 3d printer print it for you at your house. This was just in the beginning phases 10 years ago now they are printing working rockets that can take you to space, guns, food,  and close to making working organs and I also recently read that we are in the process of being able to print an entire building… Crazy times.