Peak indifference-to-surveillance #1yrago


The Pew Internet Project has updated its must-read 2013 work on privacy perception in the post-Snowden era with a survey of American attitudes to privacy and surveillance that shows that the number of Americans who worry about privacy is steeply rising.

Judging from the FBI’s calls for back-doors in phones and the unrepentant NSA, it’s unlikely that we’ve reached peak surveillance – the Internet of Things opens the door to a world of surveillance that we can barely imagine (just remember that every smart house that can accept voice commands and gestural interfaces must have cameras and mics in every room).

However, the Pew study shows that Americans continue to worry about private and state surveillance, and that there’s a great, unfulfilled market demand for privacy protection and services that respect privacy. It’s a hopeful sign.

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Mizzou students have a history of standing up for justice and creating lasting change.  In October 1986, students built shanties of wood, cardboard, and sheet metal in front of Jesse Hall to evoke the living conditions of black South Africans under apartheid.  The students camped in these structures to protest the University’s $100+ million investment in South African businesses.  Despite cold weather and numerous clashes with police and counter-protesters, “Shantytown,” as it came to be called, stood for the next 14 months.  Public demonstrations ceased when the Board of Curators finally voted to fully divest of all funds in South Africa in December 1987.  #ConcernedStudent1950 and #MizzouHungerStrike are a new chapter in this legacy of student activism.

Find out more about the Shantytown movement through the collections at MU Libraries. Student protests are recorded in the digitized Savitar yearbook, student newspapers and publications in Special Collections, clipping files at the University Archives, and records at the State Historical Society.  We’ll preserve records of the current protests in the same way.

MU Libraries provide equal access to diverse viewpoints. We honor and preserve history and culture, and through access to knowledge we empower social change. It’s what we stand for.

And this last paragraph!!!! “MU Libraries provide equal access to diverse viewpoints. We honor and preserve history and culture, and through access to knowledge we empower social change. It’s what we stand for.”




guys i’m not sure if this is gonna get any attention at all but it’s worth shouting into the void: whatever you do, and please spread the word, please please PLEASE don’t watch the donald trump snl tomorrow. nbc is counting on people watching as much out of hate as support and hoping to see an uptick in ratings. it’s a shallow, spineless attempt to use controversy to increase viewership but it has the potential to do lasting damage. as if it wasn’t enough that donald trump is a noted and shamless racist and misogynist (and honestly, if that isn’t enough for you, then what’s wrong with you??) the decision to make trump the host – and not a walk-on role, as with hillary earlier this season – goes against something called the equal time policy. essentially, every presidental hopeful is supposed to get equal time in late night programming. this usually applies to talk shows and the like, but it applies just as strongly here. look, lorne michaels is about as liberal as a multi-millionaire can get. i don’t think he (if he’s even the one who made this decision) is actively endorsing trump by giving him such a platform on his show. but by handing such inequal airtime over to trump for him to spout his sexist, xenophobic bullshit, lorne/snl is giving unfair bias to trump’s idiotic and literally hate-filled ideals. i just find it absolutely abhorrent that nbc thinks it’s okay to let such a vile man – a man whose entire platform subsists of alienating a HUGE percentage of americans – host the show. no ratings boom is worth that in my opinion.  i’m going to be protesting, and i hope you do the same. please don’t watch, and please spread the word.

and another thing: don’t watch the clips on youtube. don’t watch them on hulu or facebook or twitter, and don’t click links to press covering the show. 

it’s important to avoid the digital as well as the televised content.

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Yet Another Stat That Proves The Male Gamer Stereotype Is A Farce

With new data from a Pew Research Center survey, we know that women play an even bigger role in the gaming community. Of the 40% of Americans who own a video game console, 42% are women and only 37% are men.


Fun with stats!

43% of those folks are BLACK but you sure as hell ain’t seeing a substantial increase in Black characters tho…

Gamergate bogeywoman Zoe Quinn sells a memoir, movie about her harassment


Zoe Quinn, sometime Boing Boing contributor and object of pants-wetting apoplexy by Gamergate’s jerk-squad, has sold a memoir telling her tale of being targeted for one of the Internet’s most grotesque and cowardly pile-ons, and had the film-rights snapped up by Pascal Pictures, with rumors that Scarlett Johansson will play Quinn.

The memoir, “Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself,” will be published in September 2016 by Simon & Schuster.

The irony is rich and delicious. A favorite claim of Gamergate is that the people they have targetted for nonstop rape and death threats had deliberately set out to be terrorized because of the riches they’d receive. This asinine claim and the inexcusable behavior it inspired has actually made the absurd prophecy come true: by behaving in such a terrible way, Gamergate has made celebrities out of its targets, building them a mainstream platform from which to tell their stories, while Gamergate continues to fester in obscurity in the Internet’s dankest sewers.

Magic cards generated by neural networks


Reed Morgan Milewicz, a programmer and computer science researcher, may be the first person to teach an AI to do Magic, literally. Milewicz wowed a popular online MTG forum—as well as hacker forums like Y Combinator’s Hacker News and Reddit—when he posted the results of an experiment to “teach” a weak AI to auto-generate Magic cards. He shared a number of the bizarre “cards” his program had come up with, replete with their properly fantastical names (“Shring the Artist,” “Mided Hied Parira’s Scepter”) and freshly invented abilities (“fuseback”). Players devoured the results.