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Still not getting an android

Have fun with your overpriced paperweight

I will. And I know I’ll be safe from explosions 

Bih you really forgot when iPod and iPhones were exploding and burning people in their sleep? An exploding phone is the only thing the iPhone has done before an Android.



The absolute most omfg. Android 2k4ever.

I had no idea my clapback made its rounds but I’m glad to see the truth being shared

Still not getting an android but that clapback was amazing 😂

How do you not get an android though like it makes no sense…. battery never dies, all same apps… and more free ones if we’re being honest, i see way more options on here. Free Music Whenever you want it literally press download and that’s it… the only androids with bad cameras are the old ones so idk how that joke still going around. I throw my android on the floor for fun sometimes just to see how sturdy this sht is, never breaks, nigas out here breathin on their iphones and it breaks. Ya’ll still don’t got Flash…. android plays any video you come across on internet like youre on your computer… I just don’t even…. like… I  dont understand…. (I was an iphone person too, bought my mom iphone 6s too so I know whats up). Is brand advertising gettin people that easily… 

Besides the fact I love that Android allows you to have a Pure experience phone without additional clout. I can drag and drop. That’s almost enough for me. I swear ppl get iPhones so they can have something to believe in. You want something to believe in, go to church…

the last 3 people i saw with iphones their screens were broken. when i first switched from iphone to android  my android fell on floor like 6 times i had a heart attack each time, now i just relax and laugh and thank god mi not an iphone user. plus it’s sad they really forced to play all their videos in widescreen, how do yall even look lmao. All jokes aside they testin how stupid these people are for real, I promise they sat in a room like “they bought all those other iphones tho, bet money we can do some stupid shit like no headphone jacks and theyd buy it…” At first when I saw no headphone jacks I thought that shit was a meme tbh

Still not gettin an android lol

The only android I’ve ruined was stepped on by a 1500lb horse. I love the horror on my apple obsessed friends’ faces when I drop mine or wash it off after spilling something on it. Switching was the best decision I’ve made

lmao it’s true, everytime I drop my phone near someone who got iphone their eyes are like “OH….MY….. GOD……” or some them smile cause they lowkey want to see some drama or everyone to be sad like them


yall literally out of excuses or insults now

Having worked in the phone industry, I can honestly say that iPhones are 100% overrated. Their hardware, while not terrible, is outclassed by plenty of Androids (including the camera, btw), and with the exception of the iPhone SE (which is actually reasonably priced for what you get??) there’s usually a 20-35% markup on the full cost of the phone just for the brand. On top of that, with the infamous understockings Apple does with every release to drive up demand by giving such limited supply, most cell phone providers (at least in Canada, from my experience) can’t give a decent deal with an agreement unless you’re paying out the ass each month.

Not gonna lie, Samsung has been doing similar shady shit in recent models too (like the Galaxy S6 not having expandable memory), but that’s an isolated case. You don’t like Samsung? Just get an LG. Or a Huawei Or a Motorola. Or an HTC. The list goes on, and that’s the beauty of the Android system where there’s not a manufacturer monopoly.

The Hardware Hacker: Bunnie Huang’s tour-de-force on hardware hacking, reverse engineering, China, manufacturing, innovation and biohacking


I’ve been writing about genius hardware hackers Andrew “bunnie” Huang since 2003, when MIT hung him out to dry over his book explaining how he hacked the original Xbox; the book he wrote about that hack has become a significant engineering classic, and his own life has taken a thousand odd turns that we’ve chronicled here as he’s founded companies, hacked hardware, become a China manufacturing guru, and sued the US government over the anti-hacking provisions of the DMCA.

Though Huang has done a superb – and generous – job of documenting his life and accomplishments so that others can follow in his footsteps, it can all be a little dizzying to contemplate. But in The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware, Huang gathers all these threads together, revealing the common ethic behind everything he does: a celebration of ingenuity, problem-solving, craft, technique and curiosity.

The book draws heavily on Huang’s own hardware projects, which have included substantial manufacturing in south China, with many hard-won lessons about how things can go wrong and how to make them go right. This is more than a checklist or memoir: it’s nothing less than a masterclass in modern manufacturing, and even if you never plan on manufacturing anything, reading these chapters will explain the material world around you like few other texts.

This dovetails neatly into a meditation on the differences between Western and Chinese approaches to “intellectual property” and the way this has informed the manufacturing processes whose outflows are all around us. In these chapters, Huang proves himself to be a thoughtful and incisive critic of law as well as technology, and the thorny questions he raises show up the normal discussion on these subjects up for a shallow scrape over the surface of something deep and difficult.

Huang uses these broad legal and technical passages as a foundation for the second half of the book, which lay out the detective work that Huang did to realize his various hardware challenges, from stick-on soft circuits to an insanely clever device that circumnavigates the law through tight and unsuspected secret creeks that allow him to enter territory that no engineer has ever seen by legal means.

The book concludes with its most speculative and future-looking chapter: a disquisition on the similarities (and differences) between computational bioscience and hardware hacking, based on his work with his “perlfriend” – his perl-hacking, bioscientist girlfriend – on hacking genomes.

This is one of those books that will infuriate the people around you, because it’s so full of smart little phrases and insights that you’ll wear out their patience by reading aloud from it. Buy a second copy to give away.

The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware [Andrew “bunnie” Huang/No Starch Press]

How Quantum Computers Would Destroy Today’s Encryption Methods

How Quantum Computers Would Destroy Today's Encryption Methods:


Needless to say, the advent of quantum computing will change the world—and how we keep information secure.

How Quantum Computers Would Destroy Today’s Encryption Methods

Enormous strides are being taken toward the realization of true quantum computing. Quantum computing will neutralize current methods of classical cryptography, but at the same time could replace it with a more secure quantum cryptography.

superheroesincolor: Crowdfunding: Harriet Tubman: Demon…


Crowdfunding: Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer

by David Crownson

“Harriet Tubman : Demon Slayer  is graphic novel based on the true life of the freedom fighter with genre liberties that mirror Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter.

Log Line : When slave owners can’t stop the formidable ninja warrior Harriet Tubman, they call on the help of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, & Demons to stop her. Harriet Tubman must lead a family of slaves to freedom while battling an army of darkness.” 

Check out the project at Kickstarter  

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