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#Programming in movies vs. programming in real life

movies make things seem more exciting its so odd

cause if they didnt we’d say it was boring and go watch something else. 

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‘as·phyx·i·a’, A Dance Performance Captured With a Kinect Sensor and Visualized With 3D Software

“The reality is that for most of us the work we do both online and off stems from our dedication to…”

“The reality is that for most of us the work we do both online and off stems from our dedication to each other.”

- Shaadi Devereaux on “Toxic Twitter” http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/why-these-tweets-are-called-my-back/
(via blackfeminismlives)

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I’m a Nerd and I’m a Diva

I’m a scientist working on tackling the issue of global poverty…

I’m an entrepreneur ensuring youth have the opportunity to make a future for themselves…

I’m an engineer building the future…

I’ve attended a HBCU and graduated from MIT…

I’m a coder, a welder, a designer, and quirky at heart…

I am the maker of tomorrow…



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So here’s what you can do:

  • Like/reblog/share this. Send me asks. Let me know there’s some interest because I’m ready to do this, but I need to know there’s support out there for the idea. I’m not trying to make an app for just one person.
  • Well, okay, so originally the idea was because I really want this app. But there have got to be other people like me out there.


Hey guys, there’s already an app like this! 

The app is called Clue and its available for iPhones and Androids!

The layout looks like this: 

It tells you how long your period will last, when you will be fertile, and when you’ll be going through PMS. Every day of your period you can input information such as how heavy your flow is, what pain your experiencing, your mood, and more! 

The app features an icon that isnt very feminine at all:

The app even has a passcode lock function so your information remains private. 

It never talks about how its “An app made for Ladies!” or anything female related. 

Its awesome, easy to use, and free. 

Please check it out! 

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Cyber-psychologist Berni Goode talking about Flow on Charlie Brooker’s How Videogames Changed the World.

Flow is extremely important. So, so important.

It’s what keeps some people sane. It’s what drives the world’s most skilled and accomplished athletes, the most intense gamers, the hardcore hobbyists, even many of the most talented artists, musicians and actors - flow is what you get when unstoppable drive meets an unflinching will and unlimited dedication.

Flow is being utterly, truly “in the zone”. And it’s one of the most amazing feelings there is. 

This is why finding a sport, or a hobby, or a martial art, or a handicraft, or a new video game, or any skill-based activity that uses focus and requires practice and repetition is so beneficial for things like depression and anxiety and overall mental/physical well-being.

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Please Signal Boost and Share This Post!!

Refuge Restrooms is now available as a native iOS application through the Apple Store. And best of all, the app is completely free!

We are so proud and excited about the work that Harlan Kellaway has been doing on this native iOS client here at Refuge! Attached are some screenshots from the app.

Our listings are worldwide (with over 5700 listings at this time). If you don’t see any near you, please help us out by adding nearby safe bathrooms to our database!

As always, you can always access the database from http://www.refugerestrooms.org - - And there is also an unofficial client with limited features on the android store as well (that unfortunately has adds, which we are trying to get the developer to remove). And the official Refuge Android application in currently in development.

Get stoked. Refuge is coming to iOS


Internet slang meets American Sign Language

Internet slang meets American Sign Language:


On the one hand, this is a neat article with some interesting discussion, and if you ever wanted to know how to sign “selfie” in ASL, well, you’re in luck. 

On the other hand, the writers of the article clearly don’t know much about how dictionaries are made, because the whole emerging community consensus point is exactly how all languages work. 

We asked Douglas Ridloff about how new technology enters ASL and he described the different ways in which terms are brought in.
“With words like ‘Glide’ or ‘Instagram,’ we’ve started to see signs emerge,” Ridloff explained. “As a collective, we see various signs until one emerges as the agreed upon sign by a collaboration of the community. A few months ago, this became a very hot topic online, people were throwing out suggestions for different signs that could designate the concept of ‘Glide.’ We eventually narrowed it down to one sign that everyone in this online community agreed to use… In terms of Instagram, I still see quite a bit of variety regarding the sign usage, we haven’t seen a consensus yet. I think there are several reasons why. For instance, the CEO from Glide got involved and it was really key that he was a part of that collaboration in coming up with one definitive sign. When it comes to Instagram, a representative has yet to be involved in that process, so no consensus has been reached and thus it will take longer to come to a consensus. There isn’t an official canon or anything. It’s a small community.”

Lack of consensus for emerging vocabulary? Sure, ask a handful of internet-fluent English speakers how to pronounce “doge” (or even the older “gif”) and I bet they’ll disagree. And the same goes for borrowing: there’s an initial lack of consensus about how to transcribe “television” in the Arabic alphabet, and people use various Chinese characters for “coca-cola” until the company comes up with an official version.

Languages are not products of dictionaries; dictionaries are pale reflections of how people are already using language — and lexicographers keep trying to tell us this. But it’s unbalanced to start with English words for which a consensus has just recently emerged (lexicographers finally felt okay including them in a dictionary) and expect that ASL should have reached a consensus on exactly the same ideas. For example, why should anyone expect ASL to have a word for “five second rule”? I bet French doesn’t either. 

The biggest difference between compiling a dictionary of ASL and English is that English has a large body of written work that you can comb through for examples, so you don’t have to ask people individually, while ASL has a smaller existing corpus, so you do need to ask more people. But even that isn’t a signed/spoken thing so much as a big/small language thing: many spoken languages don’t have long written traditions either, or even if they do they may still be very small, and so you also need to ask people directly. For example, see superlinguo's recent post about a Kagate dictionary-making workshop

I mean, I’m glad that the writers shared the misgivings that the people they interviewed had about representing the words in flux, especially since they clearly weren’t expecting to any sort of complications at all, but this is one of those areas where I wish people were better informed.

Dear fellow lady gamers,


Can you please not say things like "I’m not any less of a gamer just because I have a vagina"? Your vagina is not why people are being jerks to you. Some of us female gamers are unlucky enough to be born without one, and we deal with the same sexist bullshit as the rest of you.

With love and solidarity,

a trans girl gamer.

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THIS IS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT! My best friend was turned into a meme on 4chan and 9gag and shit with everyone slut shaming her, and its fucking heartbreaking. People don’t understand the horror of seeing a picture of themselves on the internet with hundreds of thousands of people making fun of them. these people will most likely see these pictures online at some point. Theres no telling how they will react. Theres no telling what personal damage will occur to their self esteem. Do not post pictures of strangers on the internet. Do not reblog/repost these pictures either. Especially if they’re children. That is all.

Definitely had photos of myself taken and used as mentioned. People on the Internet are also absolute douches.