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The tech revolution is increasing global inequality — but we can fight it

The World Bank has released a report citing the many ways in which the tech industry is making it harder for people around the world to make money. The paper says that global productivity has slowed and inequality is fast on the rise, despite the growth of technology. This is especially true in developed nations like the U.S. So what can be done? For starters, everyone needs access to the internet, but that’s not solely enough.

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Anonymous has declared war on Flint officials

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has now come to the defense of the people of Flint, Michigan, currently in the midst of a  water and health crisis. Anonymous’ top demand is that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder be charged with manslaughter or other criminal charges — and they have a plan to achieve it.

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Flint poisoned Joe’s water, so he built a filtration system to make it drinkable

Joe and Shirley Love, both 60, have lived in Flint for years and felt the effects of the water crisis firsthand. “I started having trouble with this right eye,” Shirley Love told Mic. “When I get something in my eye, I splash it with a face bowl of water. I do that all the time. But now my eye itches, it hurts, it’s blurry.”

So Joe Love took matters into his own hands and built a DIY filtering system, using reverse osmosis to remove waste from the city’s water.

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‘Snitch App’ encourages San Francisco residents to report homeless people to authorities

'Snitch App' encourages San Francisco residents to report homeless people to authorities:



this is probably one of the most glaring examples of fascism at work in a “invisible way” in the US.

as cities gentrify, addiction and health centers shutter, and homelessness increases, increasingly the city government will turn to ways to remove the homeless from the streets to present a pretty creepy cleansed landscape.

I know in some cities the city government literally gives one way bus tickets to the homeless under the auspices of getting them care at a center located out of the town, but once out there they can’t get back unless they find a way to scrape together the transportation costs. 

I’m sure this app will be framed in a paternalistic way too. “It’s not to remove them but to get them help.”

God this is so fucking gross. The tech companies are turning SF into a gentrified, soulless nightmare and it’s depressing as fuck.

India’s Internet activists have a SOPA moment: no “poor Internet for poor people”


My latest Guardian column, ‘Poor internet for poor people’: India’s activists fight Facebook connection plan, tells the story of how India’s amazing Internet activists have beaten back Facebook’s bid to become gatekeeper to the Internet for the next billion users.

They’ve been assisted in this by Facebook’s own stupid mistakes, to be sure, but all credit is due to them for refusing to settle and for rallying mass support to the cause of Net Neutrality in India.

The interesting question for me is whether Google – who have been sneakily supporting Facebook behind the scenes – will seize the opportunity and deliver devices and services that help Indian Internet users get around the corrupt and greedy phone companies that got into bed with Facebook.

Here we have India’s SOPA moment: an unexpected, unprecedented uprising that’s caught the popular imagination, terrified one of the largest companies in the world, made politicians and regulators take notice. Why aren’t we supporting them in what they’re asking for? Why aren’t we just saying, “The alternative to Facebook as internet gatekeeper is no one as internet gatekeeper?”

India’s activists didn’t need our help. They never blinked.

Facebook came back for a second round, with the Free Basics rebranding, right around the time that the independent Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) put out a short, cogent consultation paper asking pointed questions. It’s only 11 pages long, and it ends with four questions, and you should read it – it’s just the kind of thing you want from an independent expert agency.

No one at Facebook appeared to read it. The company mounted a charm offensive, featuring long, soulful letters from Mark Zuckerberg in the national papers, roadside billboards, multi-page newspaper adverts, floods of SMSes. A total media blitz aimed at getting people to respond to the TRAI’s paper and say they endorsed Free Basics. They really pulled out all the stops – some Indian Facebook users reported that merely scrolling past the ads pleading with them to weigh in was enough to trigger a status update saying they’d endorsed the idea.

It worked: Facebook got millions of comments into the TRAI. But unfortunately for Facebook the TRAI paper hadn’t asked, “Do you support Free Basics?” So the entirety of Facebook’s astroturf army was discarded as unresponsive to the questions raised in the paper. The TRAI’s chairman explained: “Consultations by the TRAI are not opinion polls; we are not asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We are asking why you think it is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, because that helps us in formulating the guidelines”

‘Poor internet for poor people’: India’s activists fight Facebook connection plan [Cory Doctorow/The Guardian]

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HEY Tomboys!

The HER App is “the most popular app for lesbian and queer women. Beautiful design, individually verified profiles and a timeline to keep in touch with all-things-lesbian. For dating, friendship or just chatting.” It’s honestly amazing! Also, most of you know I’m a writer for this amazing app. (Sunday Style with Dapper Tomboy) There are many more rad writers & questions you can discuss! You can even share articles or videos you love & create/check out events in your area!

HER is available for iOS in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States.

If you would like HER to launch in a city in another country, just complete this form.


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My dad has been working on the worlds first volumetric display or “hologram” the Holovect. It manipulates air density and projects onto it with programmable vectors using lasers to create true 3D images. No smokescreen no gimmicks, this is the real thing. The software will be completely open source to help integrate this technology and make it available for everybody through kickstarter! Spreading the word would be great so that it can get funded!

h o l y s h i t