What’s inside a “Hello Barbie” surveillance toy? #1yrago


Mattel’s Hello Barbie has a microphone and a wifi interface, and it transmits the phrases it hears to a central server in order to parse them and formulate a response. Mattel claims that the data isn’t being retained or harvested for marketing purposes, and assures parents that they can make Barbie stopping eavesdropping on them at will. But does it work?

Somerset Recon has done a teardown on a Hello Barbie, examining its components and dumping its firmware. Part one of their report is online now, and it’s a little dry: Hello Barbie has some standard IoT chips – a sound codec, a wifi card, etc – but until Somerset posts their analysis of the firmware dump, this is pretty preliminary stuff.


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White supremacists create fake ‘black person’ accounts to infiltrate Black Twitter

Alt-right website The Daily Stormer announced that it had created 1,000 fake Twitter accounts for black people. Anglin then called on readers to create more such profiles, telling them to make them “indistinguishable” from real profiles of black people.

Wypipo back at it again with the nonsense.

“make them indistinguishable from real profiles”

never forget: these are white supremacists we’re having to deal with, after all.



“ 14° // 88° ;) ”

Gee whiz, whatever could that wink mean??

Queer ASL

Queer ASL:


Queer ASL focuses on introducing basic American Sign Language and Deaf culture to queer & transgender learners in Vancouver, BC. This involves learning the alphabet, finger-spelling, facial expressions, vocabulary, and grammar structures. At home, students access homework videos that feature the local queer signing community and a collection of Deaf culture information such as identity politics, cultural norms, history, current topics and issues, etc. The courses have a voice-off policy in order to both be respectful of signing spaces and to immerse ourselves in a signing environment. People who complete Queer ASL classes are able to carry basic conversations with signing queer folks and have a better understanding of the deaf/signing community.

The courses are taught through using powerpoints, videos, demonstrations, dialogue practice via partners and groups. All instructors are deaf and queer. Deaf queer guests (often folks featured in the homework videos) at times visit to provide additional perspectives and show students how we all have different signing styles. By having guests, this allows both signing queers and Queer ASL students become familiar with each other, thus building a bridge.

We generally have 3-4 cycles of classes per year. To keep an eye on upcoming classes, email us at queerasl@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list. Also, liking our facebook and keeping an eye on our events can be helpful.

400,000 bots are posting political tweets about the election, and they have influence

400,000 bots are posting political tweets about the election, and they have influence:



“A study published the day before the election found an estimated 400,000 bots operating on Twitter that were tweeting—and being retweeted—at a remarkable pace, generating nearly 20 percent of all election-related messages.

Besides being numerous, these bots are also quite influential, and capable of distorting the online debate, according to authors Alessandro Bessi and Emilio Ferrara of the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute.

One thing remains mysterious: who is creating them? That’s still impossible to determine, Ferrara told MIT Technology Review in a discussion about his study, conducted over a month this fall, a period that included all three presidential debates. Below is an edited transcript…

Nearly 75 percent of the bots you found were supportive of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, and the messages in their tweets were different, too.

The bots supporting Donald Trump are really producing an overwhelmingly large amount of positive support for the candidate, while in the case of Hillary Clinton supporters, more tweets are neutral than positive.

Social media bots getting involved in politics isn’t a totally new phenomenon, but you find that this year’s batch is particularly sophisticated.

These bots are more complex, using artificial intelligence to chat with people. They can aggregate the sentiment in a polarized discussion and maybe even further polarize it.”

At this point I’d welcome skynet blowing us out of existence

Doing Right Online: Archivists Shape an Ethics for the Digital Age | Perspectives


Kritika Agarwal for Perspectives Online (with quotes from Bergis Jules of #DocNowCommunity):   “Instead of using an existing digital archival system and then working within its constraints, DocNow is letting ethical concerns drive its creation of technology. It isn’t alone. An increasing number of archivists and scholars are now using digital tools and technology to… Continue reading Doing Right Online: Archivists Shape an Ethics for the Digital Age | Perspectives

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