About #transformDH

#transformDH is an academic guerrilla movement seeking to (re)define capital-letter Digital Humanities as a force for transformative scholarship by collecting, sharing, and highlighting projects that push at its boundaries and work for social justice, accessibility, and inclusion.” (#transformDH Tumblr)

#transformDH began at the American Studies Association’s annual conference in 2011. While we have a collective of core members, we aim to create a distributed network of scholars and creators inside and outside academia. If the hashtag is meaningful and useful to you, we consider you one of us.

Some writings from core collective members about why #transformDH matters:

Moya Bailey (2011),  All of the Digital Humanists are White, All of the Nerds are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave

Fiona Barnett (2014), The Brave Side of Digital Humanities (in Differences: subscription required)

Anne Cong-Huyen (2013), Thinking Through Race (Gender, Class, & Nation) in the Digital Humanities: The #transformDH Example and Transformative Asian/American Digital Humanities

Alexis Lothian and Amanda Phillips (2013), Can Digital Humanities Mean Transformative Critique?